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One of the questions most frequently asked by our clients is why our prices are so much lower than our competitors. The answer is simple… 

We understand the hearing aid industry better than anyone, and we care more about providing affordable products and services to our clients than making huge profits. 

See, for us, it isn’t just about making a ton of money. We have a real problem with today’s outrageous hearing aid prices, which are established by just a few greedy companies. Even local clinics and retailers have a limited territory and sell only a few dozen hearing aids per month. That means they must increase prices to make a profit.  

Since we sell to a worldwide audience, we are able to leverage our huge buying power the same as big box retailers like Costco and Wal-Mart. That’s great news for our customers, because it allows us to provide the highest quality hearing aids for the biggest discounts anywhere online!  

We offer an unmatched selection of brands, models, and styles guaranteed to meet your specific hearing needs. Our certified representatives will assist you with any questions so that your buying experience will be effortless, and enjoyable.


Approximately 80% of people with hearing difficulty do not seek treatment due to unreasonably high prices.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be expected to pay $5K – $8K (…and much, much more) for something they desperately need to maintain their quality of life.  

Contact us today, and let us show you how E-Z and AFFORDABLE buying hearing aids online can be! 

5 Reasons To Buy Hearing Aids Online

There are plenty of reasons to buy your hearing aids online and not from your local “hearing aid” vendor or from your audiologist. According to AARP there are over 30 million people in the United States that suffer from hearing loss significant enough to require assistance. The effects of hearing loss can be extensive and run anywhere from isolation, to not being able to work even the most menial of jobs, to dementia. The hearing loss epidemic is growing at an accelerated rate and you’ll be surprised to know that this is not just senior citizens any longer as evidenced by this infographic below.

5 Reasons To Buy Hearing Aids Online


Let’s start with the most compelling reason. When you see the ads in your local newspaper almost every week asking for volunteers to test a new hearing aid, it’s all a come on trying to get you in their office to pour you into an overpriced hearing aid. How do you think these people survive? They don’t charge you for the test; called an audiogram. These folks are not paying rent on their office, buying the equipment and then offering you some free “test” or trial because they are a charity. They buy full page ads for trying to get you to into their office when there are hearing aid online tests you can take.

Many of these folks are nothing more than high pressure sales people preying on older patients who are losing their hearing. The startling fact about hearing loss is that the average person has been suffering for 8 years before they decide to finally do something about it.

According to Audicus a major hearing device manufacturer, Hearing aid prices typically range from $1,500 to$3,500 per unit. If you need a unit for each ear, there are no discounts for a pair and most people do need two. $7000 for two hearing aids can represent up to two months revenue for the average family or retiree.

In the time period between 1991 and 2008, costs of hearing aids rose almost 300% and in the last 9 years, the technology has advanced so significantly that the manufacturers have invested millions in R & D and they are working to recoup their investments. If you examine the graph below, you will see that in 10 years, the prices doubled.

The travesty is that the real costs of these hearing aids, that are being manufactured in China are less than $150. So, it’s very hard to justify charging $7000 for a cost of $300 per pair of hearing devices.

The other factor that contributes to high prices is that the market is pretty much consolidated and only a few companies control the lion’s share of sales so they can artificially keep the prices elevated. In doing so, they are very close to crossing the line of price fixing. Although there is really no regulation per se that does anything to keep prices down due to extensive lobbying and a market that as of yet has not stood up to their local officials to complain loud enough to raise any concern.

The quiet fact about price is that when you go to an audiologist, the device only represents a third of the total expense. They historically have said that the most important part of the hearing device is the tests and care they give to make sure you have the right hearing aid. However, what they refuse to admit is that with today’s remote adjustment ability and online hearing tests, in many cases you avoid seeing a professional altogether.

2. Online Hearing Tests

The advent of online hearing tests has rankled the hearing aid industry becauseif the day comes that a person can take a hearing screening or an audiogram online, that’s the day they start losing their grip on one of the most abusive business practices preying on the people who need the most help and in many cases, are the least able to afford it.

The day has arrived where you can take an online hearing test.  There are even audiograms available online that can initially evaluate your loss. They are really screenings but give us a baseline to which we can surmise if you are indeed in need of a further exam or can maybe buy an over the counter hearing amplifier or device.  Unless you have severe hearing loss from disease or injury, the day of buying a hearing aid from an online hearing screening is at hand.

The chips in these units are so good nowadays that as long as we know what ill affects you have we can adjust your hearing aids right in your own home while being online or we can do it through your iPhone with a simple free phone app or you can adjust them yourself with a remote control.

The hearing aid industry does all it can to discredit the online tests just like the taxi business tried to kill UBER and why the hotel chains lobby against VRBO.  The largest transportation business in the world does not own a car.  The largest room night business in the world does not own a hotel.  The world is moving to online fulfillment and companies like Amazon are proving it’s not only feasible but it’s the best way to do business with more choices and convenience.

The days of leaving your home to see a doctor to get pitched on an expensive surgery for a cochlear implant and then if you can’t afford it at a cost of nearly $100,000 is dying a slow death.  Most otolaryngologists own the hearing aid office they send you to if you turn them down on the implant.  Then the next level of sales closing begins with $8000 to $12,000 for tests, adjustments, the unit itself and batteries. The business is out of hand and it can all change with the advent of an online hearing test which is offered by no less than almost all of the major manufacturers.  From Audicus to Widex and from Beltone to Starkey.  They all offer hearing aid tests online!

Hearplex is now offering an audiogram screening online from which we can get some indications of what hearing aid might be best for you. We can even do the entire screening and ordering, utilizing the chat function on the website.

3. Modern Hearing Aids Don’t Require Impressions Any Longer

The day of having to go in and take wax impressions are long past. The new hearing aids come equipped with ear buds and tiny tubes that deliver the sound to your ear drum better than any delivery system heretofore.

When an audiologist takes an impression, they inject an acrylic into your ear and then waits to let it set up.  This impression can be used for several different uses such as ear plugs for swimming or noise abatement if you’re trying to sleep or work and block out ambient noise but the folly or making molds for hearing aids anymore are almost exclusively just another way to escalate the fees being charged.  There have been numerous cases of the professional leaving some acrylic in the ear after taking a mold where infection and even hearing damage has resulted.

They also have taken impressions so that after you might be done with it or a new model has eclipsed your last device’s effectiveness, they would sell the used hearing aid online to some other person. Most audiologists counsel against buying used hearing aids for a number of reasons but the most prevalent is that you’d pay less but they routinely sell them online so they can keep their prices up and with hearing aids that required a mold; or very old hearing aids, the behind the ear style is easy to remove and replace the inner ear part and now sell it again. 

4. Mitigate All Risk When Buying Hearing Devices Online

Most times when a hearing aid is returned it’s because the audiologist over sold the positive effects of the hearing aid or the person who purchased it had gone too long with hearing loss before purchasing hearing aid. If you wait a long time and continue to suffer before taking action the damage may already be permanent and you won’t receive the full benefits that a hearing aid can give you.

The advantages of buying a hearing aid online is that the test doesn’t lie.  You aren’t sitting with a person who has a vested interest in selling you a hearing aid no matter what, in hopes that if you’re disappointed, you’ll be too embarrassed to bring it back and face a confrontation with a person that may have spent three or four appointments with you and a couple hours. 

Reputable online companies like Hearplex have a 45 to a 90 day return policy.  No questions asked. The nice thing is that you pop them back in the mail and the refund happens as soon as the hearing aids are delivered back to us. There’s no embarrassment and we’d be happy to try again but we may offer to pay for a new exam with a medical doctor to see if any hearing aid may help you.

When buying online, there’s no risk at all of any kind of confrontation because we aren’t paid on commission.  Most online companies are in the customer service business.  We’re not salesmen.  Our job is for you to be happy no matter what.  We get so many calls a day that losing a sale with a very small profit margin is no big deal where when you buy direct with an audiologist, he may sell 4 to 6 a month and makes a living because of inflated prices.  Wee sell over 200 hearing devices a month online. Our job when you buy a hearing aid online is to make sure you to hear better.  That’s it.

5. Convenience

Amazon perfected online buying convenience and there is a heck of a lot more hassle getting a hearing aid than buying a new set of dishes or running out to the store. Here is the normal process that you will go through when buying a hearing aids or aids from your local vendor:

Make an appointment and head over to the office to wait for them to see you. Now go in and get put through a battery of tests mostly so they can justify the charges. After the tests, they bring you into a sales office where they now start to explain all the hearing loss you have and why you have it and how long you have not been able to hear. They bring out the 3D model and show you the ear drum and semicircular canals and then proceed to tell you that the longer you let this condition persist, the worst it will get; which is true! Then they begin to show you a hearing aid that would be perfect for you and within a couple minutes they have it in your ear and get you to be amazed at how improved your hearing is now. Now we get you to start agreeing with them and they mask all those leading questions while they have you sitting in their office and in the exact seat they want you in. To show you how ethical this business is, you have manufacturers artificially keeping the prices raised in collusion with each other and you have the International Hearing Society publishing the 12 steps on how to close a patient.  Read this baby! This PDF is not how to sell you a hearing aid.  It’s how to and I quote: “How do you convince your customers to buy a higher end product?”

Does this sound like an industry that cares about you? 

If you have some hearing loss and think you need a hearing aid, go online and take a hearing test or audiogram.  Then if the test shows you have hearing loss, call an online provider; preferably us here at Hearplex but we’d rather see you have an honest experience, so try any one of the numerous online providers, share your audiogram or screening with them and let them suggest a hearing aid for you. 

If you can afford it, buy the thing.  You have anywhere from 45 to 90 days to send it back and during that time the provider can adjust it as many times as you’d like until it’s right.  What do you have to lose and you may be able to hear your grandkids or spouse whether you always want to or not.

*We offer free overnight delivery on all hearing devices we have in stock.