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6 Reasons to Purchase Cheap Hearing Aids

6 Reasons to Purchase Cheap Hearing Aids

6 Reasons to Purchase Cheap Hearing Aids

6 Reasons to Purchase Cheap Hearing Aids

We're giving you 6 reasons why you shouldn't buy expensive hearing aids. Click here to find out why you should purchase cheap hearing aids over other options.

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There are nearly 30 million Americans living with hearing loss - that is nearly 10% of the country's entire population.

These people need hearing aids to be able to live full lives - but the average price of a single hearing aid in the USA is somewhere around $2,300.

If you need new hearing aids, you may well already have consulted with an audiologist. They possibly quoted between $5,000 and $8,000 for a pair, which in many cases is the going rate.

But did you know that cheap hearing aids are available which cost just a fraction of that price?

Here are 6 things you need to know about buying cheap hearing aids in the future, to avoid massive costs when they need to be replaced.

1. You Can Program Cheap Hearing Aids to Your Own Prescription

You might have had second thoughts about buying cheap hearing aids in the past. Perhaps people told you that they were 'one size fits all', and therefore wouldn't meet your needs.

That is not at all true these days. Hearing tests and prescriptions provide all the information needed in order to program hearing aids. All it takes is a little time from a person with the right expertise.

Your hearing aids, whether cheap or expensive, will then be programmed in exactly the right way for your ears.

This means that you won't have to worry about buying an unsuitable set of hearing aids. They might be cheaper, but they can be tweaked until they're as good as any pair you could buy elsewhere.

2. You Won't Waste Thousands of Dollars

As we've said above, the most expensive hearing aids available can cost up to $8,000 for a pair.

They simply do not have to. A pair of hearing aids from a reliable manufacturer can actually cost you less than $3,000 - potentially saving over $5,000. You can put that towards something more interesting than hearing aids.

Or, when you think about that price difference, you could use the spare cash to buy a second backup set alongside your main set. 

So you'll end up with two sets of hearing aids for the less than the price of one very expensive pair. We think the math is obvious.

3. Cheap Hearing Aids Can Come from Trusted Brands

Just because a hearing aid is cheap, that doesn't mean it comes from a no-name brand who you can't rely on.

We stock cheap hearing aids from a wide range of well-known and trusted manufacturers, including Siemens, Phonak, Rexton and much more.

These are brands that we have absolute confidence in - and you can put your trust in them too. Some of these brands have been around for over a century.

If you'd like to learn more about the brands stocked here at HearPlex, we've blogged about all of them.

4. You Shouldn't Have to Pay for Confidence

You shouldn't be turning out your pockets just to feel confident in what you're buying.

All of the hearing aids we stock are of great quality - they're just a lower price than elsewhere.

You also shouldn't have to pay over the odds to get your own confidence back. Hearing loss can lead to confusion, misunderstandings and communication problems with the people you talk to every day.

You find it hard to go out because with all the background noise it's hard to focus on muffled voices. And you will feel a lack of control in fast-moving situations when people are talking quickly.

All of this can result in a lack of confidence, particularly in social situations.

Cheap hearing aids can re-empower you, and you don't have to spend every penny you have to achieve this.

5. Do You Really Need Any 'Extras'?

Hearing aids are designed to help you hear better. We think that's their primary function, and that anything else - while perhaps nice to have - isn't what a purchase decision should be based on.

Many modern hearing aids are offering extras such as Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the device to connect directly to a sound system, television or cell phone.

While that might be useful in some situations, it's probably not something you're going to use every day. So why should you pay for something you're not going to use very much?

Other more affordable hearing aids don't necessarily have these frills. They focus on the important job of improving your hearing instead.

Having said that, it is even possible to buy some Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids which cost well under $2,500. Don't let a salesman make you think that type of technology is worth spending a few extra thousand dollars on - it's not.

6. Even Cheap Hearing Aids Can be Bought on Finance!

We aim to price our hearing aids so they're as affordable as possible. We don't see why customers should have to hand over thousands of dollars just so that they can hear their family talk.

But if you can't afford to pay cash up front - that's fine. We offer short term zero percent deals and long term installment options.

Call us today to learn all about how cheap hearing aids can help you, and we'll explain how we can arrange a payment plan that suits you.

We also offer a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, as we're sure you'll be absolutely satisfied with the hearing aids we provide.

The Next Steps to Better Hearing

The greatest amount of hearing loss is experienced by people aged 60 to 69 in the USA. And we know that retired people don't want to be spending big chunks of their retirement savings on expensive hearing devices.

So if you want to improve your hearing at an affordable cost, HearPlex specializes in providing hearing aids from leading brands at very competitive prices.

We sell hearing aids nationwide and this means unlike smaller firms, we aren't limited by territory.

In turn, we can afford to sell cheap hearing aids of great quality because of our volume-based selling model.

Our experienced team's primary goal is to save our customers money that they'd rather spend elsewhere. Call us today to see how HearPlex can help with your hearing while saving you thousands.

August 16, 2017 by Michael Costigan

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