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Time and age have robbed you of your hearing. But that doesn’t mean you should be robbed when it’s time to buy a hearing aid. Today’s hearing aid prices are enough to make anyone say, “Come again?”

5, 6…. 7 thousand dollars? Does it really have to be this way? Not necessarily. You might have early sticker shock from seeing hearing aid prices for the first time. But believe it or not, it is possible to find a deal.

Want to know how? Let’s take a look at some of the top brands in hearing aids today, and find out where you can get the best deals.

Did You Hear That Right? What to Expect From Hearing Aid Prices


This is definitely a brand you can trust, as they’ve been in the business since they were founded in Sweden in 1947.

Their aids can range anywhere from the Phonak Audéo B50-R for about $4399.00 retail, to their higher end PhonakAudéo B90-R for $6599.00 retail. Both have the brand new Belong technology platform. This gives you clearer and more comprehensive speech understanding.

But you don’t have to pay nearly that much for Phonak technology. You can cut those costs in half for the same great tech by clicking here.


Siemens is a trusted name that has manufactured everything from trains, to cutting edge hospital equipment. But they’re also one of the biggest names in hearing technology, as they currently supply one out of every four hearing aids sold across the entire world.

They sell hearing aids under their own brand name and their signature brand name, Signia. Like most hearing aid prices, they can easily creep to the $5,000.00 or even $6,500.00 range. That is, unless you know where to shop for them.

Click here to find Siemens hearing aids for up to 50% off their retail price.


The three German entrepreneurs started their company in a garage in 1964. Half of a century later, Unitron hearing aids are renowned for their design, their comfort and their ease of use.

Today, their Moxi series claims the title of “World’s Smallest Hearing Aid” when compared to similar models from competitors, and boasts two of the world’s smallest receiver-in-ear styles.

Most places you will look will sell these for about $4,299.00- $6,299.00 retail. But you can do better than that. We can help you find them for half that price by clicking here.


Does Resound offer the best sound quality on the market?

Well, a series of independent lab studies concluded that ReSound’s Surround Sound system delivers the best sound quality. They found the quality was higher than hearing aids priced two or three thousand dollars more!

They have been at the forefront of hearing aid technology for years, and were actually the first hearing aids that were compatible with all iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch devices.

Click here to get the absolute best price on Resound technology. These are already on the lower side of the hearing aid prices scale. But we want to make sure you get the best deal.


The Rexton brand has been going strong for over 50 years and they now have one of the widest selections of hearing aids on the market, with models such as:

  • RextonQuintra Hearing Aids
  • RextonCharismo
  • Rexton Strata
  • RextonQuintra 2c
  • Rexton Hearing Aids Bluetooth Based
  • Rexton Cobalt
  • RextonCharismo 2c

The key to their comfortable fit is their inoX technology. It fits safely inside the ear perfectly, with no separate appointment to get a custom fit. The soft and malleable sleeve conforms to the inside of your ear, for maximum comfort and hearing clarity.

See what Rextonhas to offer, and how much you can save by clicking here.

Cros Systems

Not everyone loses hearing in both their ears at the same pace. That can present problems for some people when shopping for hearing aids. One ear may be slightly (or greatly) in more need of aid than the other.

For that, you may want to look at:

  • A CROS hearing system, which helps people who have normal hearing in one ear, and no to poor hearing in the other, or
  • A BiCROS system, which is geared towards people with mild to moderate hearing loss in their best hearing ear. But they have limited, or no hearing in the other ear

You can save up to 50% on these by clicking here.


The Hansaton company’s latest “Sound HD” series delivers clear and “organic” sound, without annoying (and often painful) feedback problems or dropped signals that you may experience with other brands.

They also offer Conversation Lift technology, which makes sure that voices are pinpointed and highlighted, and raised over the distracting background noises. More conversation and less distraction.

Sadly, it’s estimated that about 80% of hearing loss sufferers will not seek treatment. They’re often afraid of a bad fit, which is why Hansaton offers two sizes. Other people may not think they can afford today’s hearing aid prices. Which is why we’re helping you find the best deal.

Click here to save on Hansaton.

Find the Absolute Lowest Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aids CAN be affordable, especially if you shop online. This allows you to find the lowest possible prices, while shopping from the comfort of your own home.

We can help you find the best deal on any of the brands you saw above, and more. Click here to see how much money you can save.


August 02, 2017 by Michael Costigan