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Hansaton: Hearing and Emotions

For the last 60 years, Hansaton hasbeen a proven pioneer, providing the perfect hearing loss solutions to millions of satisfied clients 

Established in 1957, on the core belief that hearing directly affects the quality of one’s lifeHansaton has pioneeredhundreds of innovations in the hearing aid industry. To this day, the company remains one of the top leaders in developing next level hearing loss solutions. 

No two people experience hearing loss the exact same way. That’s the reason Hansaton has gone to such great lengths to develop and offer a wide array of personal hearing devices specifically designed to address the varying needs of their clients. 

Ask your health provider, or audiologist to help you choose the best Hansaton hearing aid for your personal needs today. 

They will be happy to assist you with selecting, fitting, and adjusting your new hearing device so you will enjoy the sounds of your environment for years to come. 

The Hansaton “Sound HD” Experience 

Hansaton’s latest “Sound HD”series uses the latestin advanced technology to deliverclear, organicsound, seamlessly connecting you to your environment without obnoxious feedback problems, or dropped signals common in other brands. 

The Sound HD series comes in four customizable performance levels. 

  1. Sound HD3 - An eternal receiver (EIC) powered by the innovative Hansaton EASE processor. 
  1. Sound HD5 - This receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing device utilizes Sound Restore technology to compress high frequency sound waves for a more comfortable listening experience. 
  1. Sound HD7Another RIC model the Sound HD7 provides a comfortable fit, and superior sound with Pinna Effect. Pinna Effect duplicates the sound created by the pinna (the outer part of your ear) to recreate the sounds of your environment more naturally. 
  1. Sound HD9This design provides extra listening power by way of the powerful SpeechBeam + technology which provides the wearer with the added ability to direct, or “focus” their hearing device towards a particular speaker. This amplifies the speaker’s voice, while minimizing distractive environmental noises.

Each device has been designed to address a very specific form, or degree of hearing loss. Each device consists of an external receiver, andis powered by Hansaton’s EASE processor technology that delivers vivid, unparalleled sound quality in any environment.


The EASE Advantage 

Keeping up with changing environments is one of the biggest issues hearing aid manufacturers have had to overcome. Hansaton’s EASE processor is the most powerful solution to issues of feedback, voice recognition, and ambient noise reduction. 

Here are some other great features you can expect from your Hansaton Sound HD hearing aids: 

BiLink – A proprietary process for creating intelligent Binaural Synchronization. 

Conversation Lift – This feature ensures that voices are pinpointed and highlighted over distracting environmental noises so you can easily focus n what is being said. 

Direct Sound Management – Creates a natural, organic sounding experience by maintaining a balance between natural sounds and voice communicated sounds eliminating feedback, and other distortions. 

Autosurround – Allows the wearer to choose which setting best suits the their current environment. This feature is available in all four Sound HD models. 

SpeechBeam + -When hearing what someone else is saying is more important than anything else, the SpeechBeam + technology saves the day. Allowing the wearer to “zone in” on the speaker, SpeechBeam + uses a directional microphone to zero out external noises so you can hear the communicator clearly without ambient distractions. (Available only in the Sound HD Level 9 hearing aids.) 

Two Available Sizes 

Hansaton learned long ago that human ears are as unique asour fingerprints. They also know that wearing a hearing aid that is too small, or large is always uncomfortable, and may even lead to a person choosing not to wear a hearing aid at all. 

In fact, it is estimated that roughly 80% of people suffering from hearing loss will not seek treatment for various reasons, which include poorly fitting designs. 

Hansaton solved this issue by releasing two sizes designed to be the prefect match no matter the size, or shape of your ear. 

Choose from these two sizes: 

Sound 13 – This larger model uses size 13 batteries with a “push-button” feature for easy manipulation for users with large fingers, or dexterity issues. 

Sound 312 – Designed to be slightly smaller, the Sound 312 uses the matching 312 battery and while the smaller size is suitable for children and smaller adults, the processing power of the EASE still delivers high quality sound, even in tough, noisy environments. 

Available Colors 

  • Carbon Black
  • Sandy Beige
  • Sterling Silver
  • Space Titan
  • White Pearl
  • Sparkling Bronze 

We are proud to carry the full line of Hansaton hearing aids.