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Pair - Oticon OPN 3 miniRITE (iPhone direct)


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Brand Hearing Aids Online - Top Hearing Aid Brands at Low Prices - HearPlex

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Brand Hearing Aids Online - Top Hearing Aid Brands at Low Prices - HearPlex

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Who is Oticon? 

When Hans Demant decided help his wife cope with hearing loss in 1904, it is unlikely he would have imagined the resulting company would continue to provide the hearing impaired with innovative solutions well into the new millennium. 

However, that is exactly what has happened. In fact, since being founded all those decades ago in Denmark, the company recently released the very first internet-connecting hearing aid known as the Oticon Opn. 

“Smart” Hearing Aids 

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain traction. This rapidly advancing technology allows us to control our homes, our cars, and everything in between directly from our smart phones. It seems like every day something new becomes “smart”, and the end is nowhere in sight. 

It was only a matter of time before this concept was adapted to take hearing aid technology to the next level. 

2016 saw the introduction of the Oticon Opn. The Opn is being called the very first internet-connected hearing aid. 

The challenge was to overcome issues arising from complex listening environments where multiple sound and speech sources converge. This type of environment makes it difficult for hearing aid wearers to function comfortably. 

The new technology relies on the powerful Velox™ platform, which has the ability to scan the environment 100 times per second. It then analyzes the information and balancesthe signals. 

With the Oticon Opn hearing aids, ambient sounds are muted, but still accessible. This allows the wearer to focus on the human voice without interference, or strain.

Wearers report that the experience of being able to hear what is being said in noisy environments without having to strain, or look directly at the speaker has been life changing.

Internet Capable and Much More!

The Oticon Opn hearing aid can be linked to the internet through (IF This Then That). IFTTT is an automation website that automates the functions of other web based processes to make accessing, and using them simpler.

Imagine being able to link your hearing aids directly to the internet, your homes doorbell, and even baby monitors. It doesn’t take long to begin seeing how different living with a hearing impairment can be once you get connected!

The great thing about is the innovations just keep coming as services and products continue to be developed and added.

Scientifically Proven to Be Better Than the Rest

Company VP of Audiology, Dr. Don Schum, states that in laboratory tests, which measure brain stress,Oticon Opn wearers show a 20% decrease in mental stressover other hearing devices.

Further trials revealed that due to the lack of stress wearers are also reporting a being able to recall 20% more of what is being said to them.

The number one concern for most people struggling with hearing loss is the ability to understand the words that are being spoken to them. With the new Oticon technology, clients have experienced an incredible 30% gain in this ability. Truly life changing!

Dr. Schum goes on to give credit to the company’s new Velox™ platform. This powerhouse microchip is capable of analyzing multiple sound sources 50X faster than ever before. Equipped with a 64-band frequency responder this package delivers optimum sound quality through both ears. In a sense, this makes life much easier on the brain, and its ability to decipher your environment for you.

Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We leverage our knowledge, experience, and strategic partnerships in the industry to bring you the lowest prices available on our complete line of hearing aids and accessories.

We stand by our service and the quality of the products we carry 100%, and we work closely with each client to ensure they receive the perfect fitting hearing aid.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we guarantee to refund the entire price of purchase within 60 days!