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LiNX2 9 - Single Hearing Aid


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Pair - LiNX2 9


Brand Hearing Aids Online - Top Hearing Aid Brands at Low Prices - HearPlex

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Pair - LiNX2 7


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Pair - Enzo2 9


Brand Hearing Aids Online - Top Hearing Aid Brands at Low Prices - HearPlex

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Who is Resound? 

ReSoundhas been developing hearing loss solutions to improve the lives of the hearing impaired since 1943. The Denmark based company is responsible for many groundbreaking innovations in the hearing aid field including the introduction of Wide Dynamic Range Compression for processing sound, and Digital Feedback Suppression, which virtually eliminated audio distortions, and squelch. 

Located across the world in over 25 countries, with distributorships in over 80 countries, ReSound Smart Hearing is dedicated to changing the way the world views hearing loss.

Whether it’s clearing the way for hearing aids to become digitized, or developing the Made for iPhone hearing device, Resound continues to offer next level advancements in their complete line of hearing aids and devices.

Every ReSound hearing aid is designed to improve the lives of not only the wearer, but those closest to them as well.

What You Get From ReSound?

Unprecedented Sound Quality

A series of independent lab studies concluded that ReSound’s Surround Sound system delivers the best sound quality when compared to other major brands.

Industry leader in Hearing Aid Connectivity

The ReSound LINX is the first device designed to be compatible with all iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch devices.

Wearers of the LINX are overjoyed by the ability to listen to movies and videos directly through their hearing units. Combined with the ReSound Unite accessory allows additional connection to be made with stereos, televisions, and radio.

Long Lasting Durability

The ReSound family of hearing aids comes protected by an ultra-thin polymer named iSolate™. This nanotechnology protects each component from wetness, body oil, and airborne dirt particles.

A Complete Line of Hearing Aids

There are many causes attributed to hearing loss, but how it affects the individual can be as unique as fingerprints.

By providing a wide array of styles, models, and functionality, ReSound guarantees a perfectly fitting hearing aid for all degrees of hearing loss, and for any level of activity.

ReSound knows that consumers have a choice when it comes to finding the best hearing aids available. That’s why they are dedicated tore searching how to develop the next big breakthrough in hearing devices.

ReSound Smart App

As more devices become digitized, and able to communicate with processors, software, and other devices, ReSound hopes to be there to keep you connected. To that end, they have created the ReSound App for iOS and selected Android devices.

With all of the controls at your fingertips, you’ll never have to worry about removing your hearing aids to make minor adjustments. Adjust volume, bass, and treble levels for the perfect tone.

Create custom programs and quickly access the one that meets your current environment to always enjoy crisp, clear sound no matter where you are.

A complete Users Guide provides tips and tricks to get the most benefit out of your device.

If you have ever misplaced your tiny hearing aids you’ll love the “Finder” feature that lets you quickly locate lost units.

There isn’t much that ReSound hasn’t thought of when it comes to manufacturing the most durable, long lasting, hearing aids on the market.

Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We leverage our knowledge, experience, and strategic partnerships in the industry to bring you the lowest prices available on our complete line of hearing aids and accessories.

We stand by our service and the quality of the products we carry 100%, and we work closely with each client to ensure they receive the perfect fitting hearing aid.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we guarantee to refund the entire price of purchase within 60 days!