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Pair - Rexton Emerald [4c] 80 w/easyTek, Charger, and Tek Transmitter


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Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton, a division of the Sivantos Group was founded over 50 years ago on the belief that superior hearing technology should be available to everyone. TheSingapore based hearing aid manufacturer has been around long enough to develop an extensive line of customized hearing devices to fit any wearer.

Wide Selection

Hearing loss is a very personal experience, and everyone responds differently to different types of technology. That is why Rexton has taken the time to compile multiple hearing device that use a wide spectrum of advanced audio technology to satisfy their clients.

Here is the short list of their most popular brands and styles:

Rexton Quintra Hearing Aids

Rexton Charismo

Rexton Strata

Rexton Quintra 2c

Rexton Hearing Aids Bluetooth Based

Rexton Cobalt

Rexton Charismo 2c

And the brand new Emerald Series!

We also carry full range of Rexton hearing device accessories to customize your experience and to get the most enjoyment out of your new hearing aids.

Proprietary In-The-Canal Technology

Sometimes issues arise from customizing a set of hearing devices. Some wearers report that it takes multiplevisitsto the audiologistbefore the adjustments finally feel just right.

Rexton found a solution to the adjustment phase by developing the inoX Click-Fit.The inoX fits securely inside the ear with no need for an added appointment to gain a proper fit. Thanks to a soft, malleable sleeve that conforms to the shape of your inner ear once inserted.

The soft material helps to hold the unit in place, while delivering the unrivaled sound quality consumers have come to expect from Rexton.

Advanced Sound Enhancement

Rexton knows how distracting unwanted sounds emanating from a hearing device can be. That’s the reason they went to so much trouble trying to end the feedback nightmare for wearers of their products.

Over time, moisture, dust, and dirt can begin to affect the performance of even the best hearing aids. Rexton’s SecureTex moisture seal was designed to create a moisture barrier between your hearing aid and the outside world.

This feature, when bundled with outstanding noise reduction capabilities, settings to minimize the affects of tinnitus, and music enhancer makes the Rexton line of hearing aids a major contender among major manufacturers.

Keeping You Connected

If keeping up with the digital world is part of your daily routine, then you’ll be excited to lean about Rexton’s extensive line of Smart Phone accessible hearing aid models.

Giving you hands-free access to the units many features and settings means you’ll never need to fumble around to make adjustments when changing environments.

Several models are already compatible with various iPhone and Android apps providing the wearer with immediate access to the Rexton Smart Connect app. Smart Connect allows you to control your hearing aid by remote, as well as giving access to Bluetooth streaming.

Rexton continues to offer excellent customer service long after the sale of their products by providing extensive website features including tutorials, product information, and videos to help you make the best decision for your hearing health. Connect with them on Facebook, and YouTube for more useful information.

Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We leverage our knowledge, experience, and strategic partnerships in the industry to bring you the lowest prices available on our complete line of hearing aids and accessories.

We stand by our service and the quality of the products we carry 100%, and we work closely with each client to ensure they receive the perfect fitting hearing aid.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we guarantee to refund the entire price of purchase within 60 days!