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Connect your Phonak technology to a sleek wireless BlueTooth device which streams the audio directly into the hearing aids while also acting as a remote. 

  • 1 year warranty

As of 02/01/2017: No return or refund on accessories without the purchase of hearing aids.

 Compilot Air II: User Guide

The Phonak ComPilot Air is an easy way to stream audio straight to your hearing aid. It provides top quality sound in stereo, which goes directly to your hearing aids. The device can be easily attached to clothing with a small clip and boasts simple controls to program and set the volume. If you want more advanced facilities, you can use it together with the Phonak RemoteControl app.

The device is small and stylish and connects to Phonak hearing aids via Bluetooth. It can connect to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and MP3 players. It can be used as wireless headphones when combined with Phonak TVLink and can help to improve your ability to hear over distance when connected to the Phonak RemoteMic.

The advantages it offers are huge. It will allow you to hear better when you are trying to have a conversation with a noisy group. You will be able to hear the source of sound even if it is located at the distance. You will be able to connect to several microphones to hear speakers clearly. You can connect to your audio systems to enjoy music, radio or television. You can transmit mobile telephone calls straight to your hearing aid to use the phone as a wireless device. It can also be used in the same way with a landline phone and VOIP calls.

This simple gadget can give you such freedom, enabling you to hear everything that you need and want to hear.