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Pair - Beyond 330 (iPhone direct)


Pair – Widex Beyond 330 (iPhone direct)

We present you an innovative Hearing Aids Set from Widex – Beyond 330! Now you can connect and set up your hearing aid straight from your iPhone with BEYOND application. Together with Widex input handling system, which maintains 2.4 GHz connectivity, it’s finally real to reach phenomenal sound quality.

This set is designed for people with minimal to severe hearing losses.

Widex wanted to become suitable for each wearer. That is why now you will be able to customize and change settings to solve your unique hearing issues. Beyond App has numerous setting options, such as:

  • Volume: tune up each hearing aid separately;
  • Directionality of microphones;
  • Sound mix of hearing aids and streaming levels;
  • Gain in low, mid and high-frequency bands.

There are 10 processing channels, which react to the level of outside noise and adapt Beyond 330 accordingly. In addition, the Widex Sound Classification Technology constantly inspects listening environment and optimizes hearing aids.

Beyond 330 is known for its power-saving property. It requires less than 2 mA of battery per day and can work for 165 hours straight.

Main features:

  • True Input Technology – each Hearing Aid has 4 built-in A/D (analog-to-digital) converters to identify sounds of any level;
  • Soft Level Noise Reduction – tells soft speech apart from rumbling in the background;
  • SMARTWIND Manager – recognizes parameters of the wind noise and reduces it;
  • InterEar Speech Enhancer – focuses on the speech of your partner in conversation;
  • Digital Pinna – specifies where the sound is coming from, in front or from behind.