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Pair - Unique 440


The Unique 440 is the most advanced Widex RIC hearing aid. It runs on the new U-Platform which enables the device to adapt to the changes in the listening environments automatically. The Widex Unique 440 pioneers the new level of capturing, processing, and purifying the sound.

The hearing aids are available in two battery options – Passion and Fusion. Fusion is more powerful ensuring 8-12 days of work. And Passion model can work about 3-7 days. You can choose between 10 colors.

The hearing units feature 15 processing channels, noise and wind noise attenuation options as well as five customizable listening programs. The Unique 440 ensures the high quality of the sound and superb comfort either in quiet or noisy speech situations. The Widex 440 handles the sounds from soft to loud linearly without any distortion and artifacts.

The Soft Level Noise Reduction aims at reducing soft sounds to provide excellent hearing experience in any speech situation. The Sound Class Technology is responsible for the sound processing. Thanks to the Sound Classification System which provides the individual sound output for any of the nine listening environments.

The Widex sees about the mobile connectivity. The Com-Dex offers a hands-free streaming to the hearing aids from any smartphone using Bluetooth. You can also download a Com-Dex app to control your sound amplifiers remotely.


Main features:

  • Soft Level Noise Reduction – reduces low-level background noises;
  • Wind Noise Attenuation – suppresses the annoying wind noise;
  • Sound Class Technology – allows the hearing aid to adapt automatically in 9 listening environments;
  • InterEar – IE – facilitates the aids to work as a single unit;
  • Real-Time Speech Enhancer – detects and focuses on the important speech signals;
  • Partner Monitor – synchronizes volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid to both aids;
  • Phone+ – allows direct streaming from your cell phone;
  • Digital Pinna – ensures more natural hearing experience;
  • Reverse Focus – helps hear sounds from behind;
  • Personal Audibility Extender – converts high frequency sounds to lower ones;
  • TrueSound Softener Plus – helps reduce loud and sudden sounds;
  • Personal Acclimatization – allows new users to get used to the hearing aids;
  • Sound Diary – remembers manual volume changes;
  • IE Feedback Cancelling – reduces annoying feedback;
  • Zen+ – reduces the effects of tinnitus.

Pair of Widex Unique 440 comes along with:

  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Loss & Damage Coverage
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free U.S. Shipping