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With the TV-DEX you can enjoy distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aids.


The TV-DEX is your user-friendly wireless listening device specifically designed for enjoying TV and audio. The main advantage of the TV-DEX is its real-time high-quality stereo sound. Experience TV or audio sound without annoying distortion or more importantly, echoes.


Another unique feature of the TV-DEX is the ‘Room Off’ function. It allows you to temporarily switch off  the hearing aid’s microphone and hear the TV sound only. This way you can enjoy your favorite TV programs without unnecessary background noise.

The TV-Dex makes watching television for Widex hearing aid users much easier. It can sometimes be quite a challenge, particularly if the volume is uncomfortable for other people watching or if there is background noise that messes with your focus. The TV-DEX allows the audio to stream at high quality directly to your hearing aid. There are no delays or echoes so you will be able to watch the television and hear the sound in real time at a volume that is comfortable to you with maximum clarity. There is even a ‘Room-off’ function where you can disable the hearing aid’s microphone so that you only hear the TV show without any background noise applied.

The TV-DEX has 10 hours of battery life, which means that you can watch television or listen to music for hours.

It is compatible with the Widex wireless hearing aid ranges such as Widex Clear, Fusion. Super, Passion, Dream ad Unique. It will need to be paired to your hearing aids by a qualified technician. This means that you will need to organise an appointment with a local expert, who can help you. It is important that you make sure that your hearing aids are compatible with this device as it only works with selected devices in the Widex range. You can contact us to check before you buy if you wish.

1 - Year Manufacturers Warranty;  No return or refund on accessories without the purchase of hearing aids.

As of January 2017, there is a back order with a one month wait in deli