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The UNI-DEX is a neck-worn plug and play solution for easy mobile phone use. The device streams audio to your hearing aids - not just from mobiles, but any device with a mini-jack output.

Its long battery life means that UNI-DEX can stream for up to 40 hours. And it takes only an hour to fully recharge again.

Enjoy talking hands-free on your mobile phone or stream audio from your favorite device like an iPod, iPad etc.

The Widex UNI-DEX is used to make mobile phone use easier. It is worn around the neck and is an easy plug and play solution. It will plug into any device with a 3.5mm audio jack such as a mobile phone and will stream directly to your hearing aids. The battery is a long life one and will therefore last for up to 40 hours of streaming. It will then recharge fully in just an hour.

Using this will allow you to not only use your mobile phone hands free but allow you to stream from an iPod, iPad or other device. All you have to do is to plug the mini jack cable in the UNI-DEX into the device and it will automatically start streaming. It has a built in microphone, which means that you can use it to have a hands free conversation.

It is very easy to use, there is no need to pair it with your hearing aids so you can get it out of the box and use it straight away. However, it may be necessary to use an adapter to have a two way conversation on certain older models of mobile phones such as Sony Erikson and Nokia phones older than eight years old, so it is worth checking before you buy.

  • 1 year warranty;  No return or refund on accessories without the purchase of hearing aids.